Paring it down

The nice thing about modelling PROTO:87 is that you can basically sell your entire model railroad collection and start over. The mantra becomes less is more – at least that’s how it was for me.

This fact didn’t really hit home until we decided to relocate to the States, and it was time to move our stuff. While I was packing, I realized that my entire hobby basically fits into two boxes – one for rolling stock and tools, another one for books and magazines. Of course, I am not counting my modules, which are staying back in Europe so that I can return for operating sessions with FREMO:87 every year or so.

My PROTO:87 hobby in a box

My PROTO:87 hobby in a box.

Paring down my collection allows me to deal with the remaining models in greater detail. Much of my time is now spent on researching the prototype and working on my three engines and a little over half a dozen cars – plenty of PROTO:87 projects to keep me busy for some time to come…

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