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While unpacking the boxes from our overseas move which arrived a week ago, I naturally came across my collection of Willy Kosak’s Hp1 Eisenbahnmodellbau heute. I filed them neatly in our brand new IKEA shelf  and realized later that there was one thing about the magazine, I forgot to mention in my recent You’ve got mail post: Willy Kosak offers a feature on his website that lets you search the archives of Hp1 magazine.*

With this neat tool, you don’t have to spend a lot of time leafing through past issues to find an article or track plan you want to look up. Simply entering a keyword will return entries listing category, title of the feature, issue and page number. The search functionality is somewhat limited, as it seems to only spot keywords in the title of articles. So a few tries with broad search terms may be necessary to find what you are looking for. A query for the word “FREMO” for instance returned the suspiciously low count of two results.

Search result for the term "FREMO".

Search result for the term "FREMO".

As the number of magazines increases over time, I think that indexing of the articles’ contents would be a great way to make this feature even more convenient.

*Please note that this link takes you directly to the archive page without the frame set. If you want to see the page in context, visit and click on “Magazin” in the top navigation of the site.

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