A new look for eisenbahnstudio

A few months have passed since I started the eisenbahnstudio blog. When I first set it up, I went with the WordPress Default 1.6 theme by Michael Heilemann, which was ok for a beginner like me. My WordPress skills have improved and I have grown tired of the somewhat limiting template.

So last night, I spent some time leafing through the considerable WordPress theme library in search for a more modern look that still ties in the blue of the old theme but offers more possibilities. With Fluid Blue 1.7.2 by Srini G, I think I found a classy design which most importantly adjusts the layout to the size of the visitor’s browser window and offers a sidebar on the post pages as well.

Here is a snapshot of the old theme for comparison:

The original eisenbahnstudio template.

The original eisenbahnstudio template.

Hope you like the new look. As always, I welcome your comments.

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