Resource on modular model railroads

Looking through my web traffic reports last week, I noticed a number of referrals from Turns out that the site mentions my humble eisenbahnstudio blog in their articles entitled In search of the Ultimate module and Module Weblogs. I would like to thank the guys from Modular Model Railroads and reciprocate the link.

The site is a growing resource on modular and sectional model railroad building and offers many useful how-tos, information on benchwork, module clubs, links to photo galleries and YouTube videos. If you are interested in learning more about FREMOdules and other modular systems or would like to become a contributor, pay them a visit.

2 thoughts on “Resource on modular model railroads

  1. Modulator


    Thanks for the mention. While I write about modules, I really admire those people actually documenting and building modules. Especially precisely made well sceniced modules like yours.

    Thanks, Rob

  2. Yuli

    Also some bugs:1-When creating a new post type most of the selinteocs are not saved when changed from the default. Have to activate the type and then go back in change everything again (either true or false) from the default settings.2-The created post type should automatically be activated. suggestion not really bug.3- get this error with every saveWarning: Illegal offset type in isset or empty in ….\wp-includes\post.php on line 1097

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