VT 798 blast from the past

My dad sent me two pictures from his archives with his Christmas package. Both depict a late era 4 “Schienenbus” railcar photographed in 1993, shortly before the VT 798 was decommissioned between Seckach and Miltenberg (formerly KBS 566, now KBS 784).

VT 798 in Buchen, Germany

VT 798 railcar in Buchen, Germany. (click to enlarge)

Fast forward to 2010. The manual signals and the turnout in the foreground have been removed and no station personnel works at this post anymore. But hey, at least the trains are still running…

VT 798 railcar near Buchen, Germany

VT 798 railcar near Buchen, Germany.

On this one the railcar is a little blurry, but I like the motion it adds to the shot. This could be anywhere on one of the FREMO:87 modules. Notice how the grass is shorter near the road.

The scene pretty much looks the same today except for the overhead lines, which have been removed a few years ago.

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