Which Train Websites Inspire Your Modeling?

A few days ago, my friend Andy from graduate school sent me a nice message on Facebook. He reported that a visit to eisenbahnstudio.com inspired him to pick up an old hobby. As a kid, he enjoyed building model airplanes and reading my humble blog inspired him to get a few kits at a Munich toy store.

I am very grateful to Andy for letting me know about his old new hobby and I thought that this is a nice ocassion to give a quick shout-out to the blogs and websites that inspire me.

In no particular order, here are the sites and a brief explanation of why I like them. A few of them are in German but I hope that the images and videos speak for themselves.

  • I have been following Frank Forsten for a few years and always like to return to his website Forsten Online, which chronicles the pogress of his layout centered around a steel mill in the German Ruhr area. In late January 2010, Frank started his YouTube Channel Stahlbahn featuring how-tos and and video portraits of the layout.
  • Marc Heckmann’s website Heckmann Modellbahn contains a number of articles on detailing, kit-bashing and weathering with nicely scenicked photographs. Click on Publikationen to get to the reports.
  • Jörg Chocholaty’s website Modellbau-Chocholaty features a number of intricately detailed scenes in the Dioramen section of the site. His superior modeling skills are complemented by his wonderful photography.
  • Lance Mindheim’s website Lance Mindheim Dot Com contains a series of awesome photographs of his Miami’s Downtown Spur and East Rail District. Especially fascinating is his technique of using real photographs as facades of model structures.
  • Wooden laser kits and parts have become mainstream. Stefan Teichert takes laser modeling to a new level with lasered cardboard in N scale. Check out what’s possible in the Laserschnitt section of Stefan’s Eisenbahnseiten.
  • The Model Railways of Chris Nevard features a number of highly detailed British fine scale exhibition layouts. For regular updates follow his blog.
  • A more recent discovery is Big Al Mayo YouTube Channel Monster Railroad featuring a funny video blog with hands-on tips for weathering rolling stock and reports on his Union Pacific layout.

Which Websites Inspire Your Modeling?

Want to add anything to the list? Share your favorite inspirations in the comments below.

2 thoughts on “Which Train Websites Inspire Your Modeling?

  1. Jens

    Hallo Johannes – danke für den Hinweis auf diesen genial witzigen und genial guten Videoblog! MonsterRailroad 2010 really rocks 🙂

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