Download the Fessenheim FREMO Module Plans

A faithful reader of this blog emailed me this week to ask about the module drawings for my Fessenheim project. I’m happy to report that I completed the drawings last year and that I sent them to a fellow FREMO member who is currently building them.

I’ve made a couple of adjustments to the original plans that included moving the trackwork further west so that the farm co-op building would fit on module #2 in its entirety; and modeling only the original part of the facility, cutting its size in half. Here’s an overview of the updated setup.

Updated overview of Fessenheim depot and siding

Updated overview of Fessenheim depot and siding

You can download the DXF file of the parts here.

The German manufacturer LaserSachen released a laser kit of the standard Bavarian depot building that’s in my project queue and will hopefully be completed some time this year.

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