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A new vent for my 211 diesel

I have been tinkering with my Roco class 211 DB diesel for a while now but haven’t made real progress yet. Besides adding a ZIMO decoder and rewiring the lights for prototypical operation, the only other thing I took care of was filing down the original buffer plate.  To rebuild it, I am missing crucial parts that are not available for purchase and may not become available at all, which means that I may have to etch or cast them myself.

Just recently though, I had a flurry of activity when I discovered that Krüger Modellbau offers an etched top vent and rotor for the long hood of the engine. Krüger has been developing various parts for the V100/211/212 class DB engines, including a buffer plate (unfortunately not the one I am looking for), snow plow and etched handrails to replace the ones Roco cast on the housing.

I quickly ordered the part, and it arrived in the mail the next day – mind you, I still lived in Germany at the time.  I went ahead and cut out the vent using a fret saw, carefully trying not to take away too much material at the upper end of the inlet. Assembling the vent is rather easy, but I had to sand down the sides of the rotor made from thicker material to get it in the space. Once that was done, the vent fit on top right away. One thing that didn’t please me was the paint job – I would recommend ordering the part unpainted, which will also save you a little bit of money.

New vent and rotor for the Roco 211

The new vent on my Roco 211 diesel.

Next, the vent will get stripped and repainted and the space under the rotor will be masked so that no light is emitted by the bulbs near the opening.

Update: The vent kit is available at www.wagenwerk.de.