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Eisenbahnstudio Is Back!

It’s been quiet here at Eisenbahnstudio for a while. In fact, there haven’t been any project updates in nearly three years! My modeling hasn’t moved forward at a very fast clip, but there was steady progress and you’ll see more frequent albeit shorter updates in the future.

More than two years ago, I joined the oldest model railroad club in the country – The New York Society of Model Engineers – based in Carlstadt, New Jersey, where I enjoy fellowship with other modelers, run the occasional train, and work on my models in the shop. This shop has been a godsend because it has a spray booth where I can paint models – something that’s impossible in the confines of our Midtown Manhattan one bedroom.

I have also done a lot of research in US railroad prototypes. Starting out with Penn Central models from the late 70s turned out to be a good thing, because I decided to model the early Conrail era around 1980 in the greater Hartford area. Having lived in Connecticut for almost ten years, this area is very dear and familiar to me and the industries east of the Connecticut River in East Hartford and Manchester are particularly interesting and well documented.

Thanks to those who have faithfully checked this blog. Here’s photo of a recently completed project with more to come soon. It’s great to be back!

Rail Yard Models Penn Central G47 gondola

Rail Yard Models Penn Central G47 gondola (click image to enlarge)